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Change is inevitable.
In every form,
In every aspect of life,
They say it rightly, “Change is the only constant thing”.
But, the question here is,
Why change?
Why is it necessary?
Why take the pain to change?
And most importantly,
What to change?
How much?
When to change?
In all walks of life,
There comes a situation,
Where you required to deal differently,
With a diverse and specific approach.

They say, “Every lock has a specific key”.
But how long will you continue to use the same lock and key!
After some point in time, it will be junked,
And all you need to do is,
Change the lock and so does the key!

Change is inevitable,
Change is necessary,
The cycle of time goes on,
It has no breaks,
No one can put any break onto,
No one can make it slow and fast either!
It has its own cycle and pace,
We need to walk and talk with it,
If we fail to do so,
Time will not wait for us,
It will continue to go,
And it goes on,
It doesn’t care,
What you are, what you were and what you will be,
It depends on you, how do you react and act
And make the most out of it.

Coming back to the question_
What to change?
How much?
Well, that depends on every situation,
And totally based on individualization.
Vision and
Defines and determines the required change,
Some demands lesser degree change,
Some demands at a greater extent,
Need to change from very bottom of heart to superficial surface.
From feelings to thinking to act to react to perceptions to an entirely different dimension.

Some people meet and intriguingly say, “Oh! You have changed a lot”.
There is nothing wrong to reply, “No, not only “a lot”, I have changed completely”.
I am not the same person you had met last time,
I am a totally different one now.
My thinking,
Likes and dislikes,
Vision and Mission,
Actions and reactions,
Feelings and emotions,
Dreams and goals,
Priorities and preferences,
Everything has changed.
I’m the change.

The only thing is constant, that is my name!
Everything else is changed,
Like time changes but its name is static, an unchangeable element of the changeable ones!

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    1. Indeed, change is required. Somebody very well said it, “Every next level of your life will demand a different you”. Thank you very much for reading and appreciation😊


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