Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash

Some stories occur in mind only
by discovering their place
somewhere in the cranium

they do not hit anywhere in the living
they never inhibit the space in the blue planet
yet we live those stories
assuming them the real ones

they hatch in caput
however, find their way to affection
and get knitted in every layer of the heart

they move all over the body with viscous blood
as if rafting the river in the foothills of Himalayas
and intoxicating with the serene experience
of the surrounding nature

Sometimes they devise their way to lips to grin them
with a ravishing feeling of being complacent
and often go off the track so melt through eyes

Well, they do not occur in dreams
rather proliferate midnight
when thoughts are tardy and quiet

When the head finds its place in the lap of those stories
every cell of the body rejoice
with the excitement
like petals smile in the bud
and air breathe its scenic aroma

Eventually, they become part of life
or maybe life is a part of them!

We often try to find them in life
or in the people cut across
with greedy hope to experience them in life!
but, the tragedy is,
they never befall in life!

Maybe, they are the real ones
And life is a bunch of hallucinations!

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