An Adventuresome Luck

Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

This dawn when I woke up

It appears a slight unusual

I peered outside the window

With a mug of tea in my hand

With tons of thoughts crisscrossing my mind

I noticed the sun in the same orientation

Illuminating this part of the globe with the same spirit

I was about to immerse into the ocean of the sky

Suddenly a little flower in the pot

Dragged my attention with its refreshing aroma

I couldn’t resist my breath

And breathed as integrating myself with it

Suddenly I realized

I am not the same person as  I was yesterday

Everything except me was the same

But, I am not any further the same individual

They claim their luck is bad

I too considered the same till yesterday

But not anymore

There is nothing like good or bad

In fact, I have an adventuresome luck

I move on an adventure every day

And the ride is crazy as ever

And you know what…

It sustains me conscious

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