Life on Two Wheels

Photo by Amaury Salas on Unsplash

Every day she leaves for the ride

from the dawn to twilight

on her brand new two-wheeler 

She devotes a full day on the ride

thinking of nothing, and

listening to the harmony of silence

When she toured for the first time

she almost collapsed with 

the speed breaker on her course 

Her way of life is a swing 

swinging between bliss and anguish 

like dawn and twilight 

Hindrances are the speed breaker 

wherein she has grown into an artist

who knows how to ride life on two wheels

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4 thoughts on “Life on Two Wheels

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  1. Life is a beautiful journey decorated with glorious milestones. So explore with the intent to witness the beauty of those milestones in this beautiful journey rather than reaching a particular destination. Magnificent post, you should be proud of the kind of the kind of blogger that you are blossoming into. ❤️

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