Be My Moonshine

Photo by: Ramanpreet Singh at Bespoke Photos

In the shadow of my pain;
When the castle would surround me with a misty woe, Be my moonshine

In the gloomy desolate night;
When no one would adjoin me, Be my moonshine

In the deafening conflict within me;
When scars would provoke, Be my moonshine

In the durable solitude;
When my expression would suffocate, Be my moonshine

In the bright glossy day;
When everyone would busy being sunshine, Be my moonshine

In the hurricane inside me;
When I would immerse within, Be my moonshine

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15 thoughts on “Be My Moonshine

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  1. Hi Pooja, Well written, words are so smooth and cool like moon. Moon is an integral part of our culture and civilization. Happy to acknowledge & recall that evening moon at Tosh, also beautifully captured by our best beloved friend Ramanpreet Singh.

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    1. Hi Jayanth, thanks a lot for your readership, It means a lot! Yes, it was indeed a beautiful evening at Tosh. Hope we all plan a trip together again ๐Ÿ˜Š


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