Half Gift

Photo by Varshesh Joshi on Unsplash

What is the choicest gift you could give to someone on any occasion?

Wait, before you consider anything further let me inform you that I don’t want you to respond to this question right now, rather I want to take you to Deep’s living who is busy making plans and shopping for Diwali celebration.

It was dusk, and the sun was about to say goodbye with its picturesque colours but Deep’s day was yet to over. Roaming in the market during Diwali is his favourite activity. He loves colourful illumination around, stores stuffed with firecrackers and mouth-watering smell from sweets shops.

The last pathway of the market, where the left-hand side crowded with the firecrackers stores like beads tied in a necklace and the right-hand part was free for the parking; where some homeless people have occupied their slot.

With every stride, Deep’s mind would drive miles with exciting ideas and heart would blossom with the rapture of excitement as he has procured an assortment of firecrackers. But his exclusive attention was that gift; packed with ingenious and interesting firecrackers, this gift was a special one because he earned it with an A-plus grade in the exam. He was about to drown into the plans of boasting about it among his allies, suddenly, he found out a loud calling, “Diya…Diya…Diya…”

He peered around and spotted a boy of identical age selling Diyas (Earthen lamps). He felt to give some firecrackers to this poor boy. Immediately, he crossed the street and presented himself before the boy. He opened his backpack, picked up some folds of firecrackers and offered to a boy.

He responded negatively and in return; offered earthen lamps to Deep. Deep could see It was a pack of three diyas, wrapped with a message. He couldn’t resist himself and sought a boy to open the plastic cover. A boy then began to unveil the transparent cover carefully.

He lifted out the first blue colour lamp and while handing it to Deep, he expressed, “Save water.

The second green one, “Save and plant trees”.

The third white one, “Avoid plastic use”.

By this time, Deep has taken the message what precisely this boy wished to convey. He turned around and said, “Dad, you gave me a half gift”.


Half gift? Yes, doubtlessly it was a half gift. The best gift one could give to someone is a noble thought; a thought which could illuminate someone’s way of life and contribute positively towards human civilization. We are engrossed in our pleasure and leisure so extreme that we are not realising what we will leave behind for our kids? For our next generation? Would our next generation be proud of us as the way we are proud of our ancestors? Our forefathers have left rich culture, tradition, art & architecture, resources, productive technology and profound wisdom for us. We should utilize our resources prudently and constructively so that our later generation could survive their life.

We are running out of the groundwater, the water table is depleting, which is an alarming situation before us. We need to save and plant as many as trees to prevent the surface runoff.

The plastic which we littered around is chocking the survival of aquatic creatures.

I recall my days of a full-time job, there we had a concept of “Green Gift”. Winner of any contest or employee of the month would get a plant as a gift.

A couple of days back, I had been to a khadi shop. There, I cut across two enlightened individuals who had arrived to purchase khadi material to manufacture bags out of it. I intriguingly asked what specifically are they planning to do with these bags? “We will roam in the market and offer khadi bag for free of cost to those who are carrying a plastic bag”, they replied. Quite remarkable!

Last week, I went to the Himachal Pradesh(India) for the trekking trip with Untamed Journeys and I am deeply impressed by their plastic-free, sustainable and environment-friendly approach.  

No matter how small we start, need to make certain that we spread this noble thought and inculcate in the next generation.

“After all mother Earth is our habitat, not are houses!”

Have you ever come across such a noble act of sustainable use of our resources? I would like you to share in the comment section, Let’s spread the message and productive ideas!

(Deep is a fiction character here.)

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6 thoughts on “Half Gift

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  1. Hi Pooja story was heart touching, where PS part is Heart melting one. Though the generation is getting educated, still it become mandatory to create awareness about our nature. Since we’re not too early or late, It’s our responsibility to awake the public. As you rightly mentioned to spread this noble thought and inculcate in the next generation. Thanks for such motivational stories.

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    1. Thanks much Jayanth for intense reading, it means a lot. I am glad to know your insightful thoughts on the topic. We all together can spread this thought to preserve the beauty of our mother planet for our next generation, it’s our collective responsibility after all.


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