Journey Across The Street

“But I like to travel.” She said, her eyes were filled with tears. Though she was a strong woman.

And that was the last time he saw her.

She ran away.

But why?

“She seemed like a part of me that I had not discovered,” he murmured.

He had only one question.” Where is she? Why did she run away?”

Journey Across The Street” is a novel written by the young and refined writer Madhusudhan R. form India.

It was midnight; I glided the curtain, as I wanted to talk to stars. My purpose wasn’t fulfilled as the sky was cloudy that day, it seemed stars have gone on the trip. Even stars, too, need an escape!

I took a deep breath while looking at the sky with a feeling of disappointment and sat on the floor, next to the window, with my phone.

I too wanted to escape.

I picked one book from the wishlist and began reading, still sitting on the floor.

Its title,” Journey Across The Street,” made me read the book.

I read the first paragraph, and it brightened up my eyes with excitement as I had got my escape.

By the end of the first chapter, it had established strong footprints in my world, as being a traveller I could relate it very much. 

When I completed the book another day, it was two in the morning and I was speechless and stunned. It was like after experiencing all colours of the universe I had attained the state of absoluteness.

I won’t tell you the plot of the novel as I don’t want to snatch the joy, thrill, and emotions you will discover within yourself while reading this book. But I am sure that with each phrase and sentence you will discover your new self, you will find yourself in the book as if it is written for you.

This book is profound with emotions and subtle in philosophy, as you read it, the author will hold your hand through his words and make you walk through the Journey Across The Street. There you will experience profound love, suspense, thrill, romance, an enigmatic traveller and a lot of fun.

The only condition is, just be with him through his words. As everything is thoughtfully written there, a simple “Thank you” and “Have you sent the money order yet” will unfold a completely new path.

Each paragraph will make you think deep and each chapter will give you a breathtaking experience. This book is a page-turner.

The second half of the book will make you sit on the edge of the chair.

If you like subtle reading, this book is for you. If you are a traveller, then this book is yours, you will find yourself in it.

Well, this is not a book review. Since I love this book, I thought to share with you guys, you never know what treasure you will find in it.

If it’s mandatory to give ratings, then it’s 5/5 from me.

Give it a read and let me know your thoughts.

Here you go: Click here to get your copy.

You may want to connect with the author:

Madhusudhan R. @Word_Peddler

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Instagram:  @inkofmusing_

Facebook: @inkofmusing

Twitter: @inkofmusing_

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