Love In Past And Love In Present

Photo by Karim MANJRA on Unsplash

My first ever poetry collaboration with Sanat @PoemWardin on the topic “Love in past and love in present”

Here it goes.

Staying miles away like poles
Innocence and connected souls
Their love wasn’t a statement to be proved
It was an emotion to be lived
Feelings treasured in letters
Between folds of a gifted sweater
Eyes would speak a language of love
Zipped lips would taste a flavour of love
Myriad stars hold their love story
Ocean waves recite their glory
– by Pooja

Guilt and Physical pleasure
Coming closer and all pressure
There is no way to measure, but they are clever
Expensive gifts, costly trips, all they treasure
Love and care, maybe never
Hands in hands, both hands in different hands.
Its all about favour, coz they haven’t tasted its flavour
The flavour of love, which always cost null
– by Sanat

You may read more from Sanat @PoemWardin

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