Ecovaran: A Good Cause

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Being an adult, what is your objective in life?

Probably, picking up a decent job, marriage, own business or successful start-up.

But some people aim to address the fundamental problems of the mother planet. They have a burning passion to make this planet a better place to live.

Lately, I came across a meaningful environmental conservation organisation. They are into spreading awareness about climate change and planting trees as many as they can.

The founder; inspired by his father, who sadly left them in an unfortunate accident. He planted thousands of trees during his life journey. Once, he took the founder to the farm and made him understand how much it takes to grow one tree.

These days, most parents have a concern, how to prepare their children to earn money and get settled in life. The founder’s father had a concern to instil how to reduce carbon footprints on the planet to aid sustainable ecosystem.

How impressive? Isn’t it?

Deeply influenced by his father and supported by his friends, when couldn’t get sufficient time for the tree plantation drive, the founder quit his full-time job just to focus on the vision and give momentum to the organisation’s projects.

How profound dedication? Isn’t it?

It’s overwhelming.

So, the name of the organisation is ECOVARAN.

I’m sure you must be wondering how to support this organisation for the good cause.

It’s simple to support.

Follow their Instagram handle @ecovaranorg

They plant a sapling dedicated to each follower they get, they will update about the plant and its location on their Instagram story.

Also, you can donate plants by contributing a nominal amount (details on their Instagram page).

Ecovaran’s vision is to make a chain of volunteers and plantation drive across the globe.

Are you ready to support?

Follow Ecovaran: Click here


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