Things To Do During Corona Virus Shutdown

Photo by Martin Sanchez on Unsplash

Since couple of weeks, human civilization has been dealing with a challenging time. The world is fighting a fierce battle against COVID-19. A slew of measures has been taken worldwide as a safety measure, as there is no cure for the coronavirus.

It’s time to be serious and responsible, let’s fight together and come victorious against deadly coronavirus.

Following things can benefit you to stay safe. Also, I’ve listed a few things that may help in the best utilisation of the coronavirus shutdown.

  1. Stay indoors.
  2. Avoid social gatherings and functions; Nothing is more important than your life.
  3. Cover your mouth while sneezing and coughing.
  4. Wear a mask.
  5. Keep washing and sanitizing your hands.
  6. Don’t eat cold and preserved items.
  7. Drink plenty of water.
  8. Eat fresh food and fruits.
  9. Avoid eating fast food, oily food and seafood.
  10. Make sure senior citizens and children stay indoors.
  11. Stay tuned to government sources to stay updated.
  12. Have an emergency contact number to be used in case of any suspicious case.
  13. Don’t spread rumors, always cross-check any information you receive through WhatsApp and social media.
  14. Work from home.
  15. Use technology to organize virtual meetings if you can’t postpone office work.
  16. Support authorities and government in any measures taken.
  17. Avoid travel.
  18. Do virtual travelling by reading travel blogs and watching travel vlogs.
  19. Read books, blogs and articles of your favourite niche.
  20. Invest time in polishing things you are passionate about such as writing, music, painting, sketching, etc.
  21. Learn new skills by taking online courses.
  22. Virtual hangout with friends through video call or phone call.
  23. Follow fitness routine at home; simple exercise or yoga.
  24. Make a list of things you will do afterwards.
  25. Work on planning the project you want to launch soon.
  26. Spend quality time with your family; Keep the phone aside, tell stories to your children and listen to stories from your parents and grandparents.
  27. There are good movies and web series you may watch.
  28. Write a journal; This will help you evolve as a better person.
  29. Try to finish the unfinished task if you have any.
  30. Play indoor games.
  31. Listen to your favourite music.
  32. You may organise or re-organise things and decorate your home.
  33. There are people who can’t work from home they have responsibilities to feed their family and pay rents; If you know any such person around, please help them as much as you can. It’s a time to deal with kindness.
  34. Don’t be panic and take good care of yourself first and then people around.
  35. Pray and thank to security forces, medical teams, government officials and every person who is working hard so we can be safe.

Remember, “One person can change massively; either this way or that way.”

If I’ve missed anything or you have anything to add, then please mention it in the comment section.

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