Of Pulga

Crossing Of The Parvati River Do you know what is the best part of travelling to the Himalayan states?  Local taxi ride. The collection of offbeat songs and meandering roads of the mountains, you shouldn’t miss. After crossing the Parvati river, we had to undergo one of the most difficult treks of the trip. We... Continue Reading →

Of Parvati Valley

“Wandering through hills of the Parvati Valley, I met myself in hundreds of different ways. ” https://videopress.com/v/sYuclb91?preloadContent=metadata Video courtesy: Untamed Journeys I am scribbling about the Parvati valley, not because I want to tell you about my experience; I am writing because I want you to think about the Parvati Valley! Parvati Valley - Photo... Continue Reading →

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